Riccione In Bici with our Ebikes

Over the years Riccione has changed, but at the same time it has preserved its uniqueness in being able to create the perfect blend between family and youth tourism.

Sport is becoming more and more popular, walking along the coast it is possible to see the ebikes darting, with people riding towards who knows what kind of adventures, anticipating who knows what experiences and emotions.

There is always time to be part of those who will experience a unique emotion of this kind, and it is for this exact reason that Emotion Bike is offering you the opportunity to know what lies behind the two wheels: with pedal assist it will be possible to cross every obstacle that will overlap between you and the Romagna hinterland, made of local food and breathtaking views that it’s possible to see only with our ebikes.

With pedal assist ebikes you will not make any effort even on the most difficult paths, fully enjoying every single emotion in total respect of the environment and the wonderful nature that you’ll surround yourself with.

Come and visit Riccione, if you book from Riccione In Bici a minimum stay of 2 nights from May 4th to June 15th, you will have a free e-bike tour provided by us; you can pick up your ebike comfortably from the hotel where you will be staying, without the burden of having to go and get it and return it after your adventure. Take the chance to discover what you’ve missed so far and experience this wonderful and unique experience with us!

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