Piadina, the bread of Romagna

Piadina – the bread of Romagna

When we talk about piadina, our thoughts immediately turn to Romagna, the street food that most characterizes it and that most divides it. Every country has its own recipe. There are those who use classic flour, some other wholemeal flour, some use lard (better if it is the one of the “Mora Romagnola”).  Some use olive oil, some other use yeast, some bicarbonate, those who mix with water, some other with milk, some who make it a centimeter thick, some thin a few millimeters, the important thing is that it is pulled strictly with a rolling pin and cooked on a terracotta baking sheet. If you want to learn the secrets of this special food, the best thing is a good experience in the company of a real “azdora romagnola”.

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