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Rimini Moonlight

Durata: 2 ore – Lunghezza: 15 km – Difficoltà: facile – Culture

The waves breaking on the rocks of the harbor, the quiet of a seaside village, the nightlife of the city center, the thousand voices of a Roman Rimini, that has left its mark.

On this tour you will discover the most beautiful corners of Rimini accompanied by the glow of the moon. We will leave from the sea to cross San Giuliano, the colorful fishing village transformed in honor of Federico Fellini and Tonino Guerra.

From there we will cross the Tiberius Bridge, symbol of a city that has spanned millennia, to reach the historic center and admire Renaissance treasures, such as the Malatesta Temple with its Paints by Piero Della Francesca and Giotto, and Romans, such as the Arco D’Augusto and the Amphitheater, up to the restored Galli Theater and Fulgor Cinema, beating hearts of Rimini culture in the Fellini era as today.

  • Darsena
  • Borgo San Giuliano
  • Ponte di Tiberio
  • Castel Sismondo
  • Tempio Malatestiano
  • Arco D’Augusto
  • Teatro Galli
  • Cinema Fulgor

Do you need to be an expert cyclist?
Absolutely not! The daily tours take place on a pedal assisted bicycle, which is much less tiring than a traditional bike. However, we recommend that you be in good physical condition, the effort will be light but in some cases prolonged..

What is included in the tour?
By purchasing the tour you will have the guide of an Emotion Rider for the duration of the tour, the rental of the e-Bike, the helmet and the lock.

How many cyclist will partecipate the tour?
For organizational reasons, the management can combine the tours with others scheduled for the same day and for the same destination. In any case we guarantee a maximum of 12 participants per day.

Can i bring my kids?
Of course, the easy-level tours are also suitable for children from 9/10 years old. If you need a child seat for 2/3 years old we will provide you with one with a capacity of up to 22 kg for € 3.

In any case, minors can participate if accompanied by a parent, or guardian, who assumes the related responsibilities.

If i get injured?
Emotion Bike team always puts everyone’s safety at the center of each tour. It will be our responsibility to slightly modify the route to facilitate the experience for all participants, who will still have to respect the rules of the highway code.

In the event of an injury during cycling, even if Emotion Bike cannot be held responsible in any way, we make sure to provide assistance and help the participant. As for damage to third parties, we have insurance coverage.

And what if it rains?
We will try to carry out the tour even in case of bad weather, possibly proposing an alternative itinerary. In the event that it is not possible to take the tour due to bad weather conditions or other reasons, you can request a refund.

Can i cancel my booking?
Yes, if you no longer want to take part in the tour, you can cancel your reservation at no cost within two days (maximum at 20.00) from the date of the tour.

Ricordati che i tour richiedono un numero minimo di 6 persone! RICHIEDI INFORMAZIONI!

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