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e-Bike Rent: Holidays and Eco-Sustainability

Holidays and Eco-Sustainability

With the historical period we are facing and the rapid change and approach towards the world of GREEN. Many Italians are slowly changing their habits in the way of traveling.

Eco-sustainable holidays that respect people and the environment, especially through the use of electric vehicles such as e-bikes.
This form, very widespread in foreign countries, is also becoming fashionable in our beautiful country.


This change was made possible also thanks to the huge investments in Italy by local administrations.

In fact, thanks to the new cycle paths that connect different regions, traveling by e-Bike is safer and more fun.

e-Bike as a means of transport

“A bike ride is an escape from sadness” cit. James E. Starss

A beautiful quote that fully describes all the magic that a simple bicycle can give, our faithful companion ever.

The bike has accompanied us since we were children in all our movements and manages to print a huge smile every time we ride it.


The most common type of bicycle for traveling is the e-Bike, a comfortable, practical and ecological means of transport.

The pedal assisted bikes allow you to travel long distances and itineraries that can often seem difficult.

Holidays: rent an e-Bike?

The dilemma of many Bike Lovers in the holiday planning phase is always the same: “What do I do? Do I bring my bike or do i rent on site?
Each choice, like all of the rest, has its pros and cons!

Relying on specialized actors present in the destination area to get advice on itineraries: places to visit and above all on the e-bike to use is a big step forward towards the solution to the question posed previously.


Then, a lot depends above all on the presence of specialized structures in the field of “e-Bike Experience“. If you choose to bring your own Bike, there are bike hotels with maintenance workshops, vehicle washing systems, charging columns etc.

In short, today there are more and more Eco-sustainable facilities able to pamper and satisfy who have chosen to travel while respecting the environment.
It must also be said that we are not structured efficiently throughout Italy. However, many Italian regions are moving to guarantee this type of service to all travelers who love two wheels.

We remind you that among the best “Bike Friendly” regions there is also our enchanting Emilia-Romagna.

E-Bike rental and cycling holidays in Rimini: Emotion Bike

At Emotion Bike, we offer tailor-made packages based on the needs of our customers who wish to visit and discover the beautiful cities and countryside of Emilia-Romagna.
We do not limit ourselves to the simple e-Bike rental, we try to cover all the real Eco-Sustainable experience through the use of electric vehicles with low environmental impact.

We guarantee Tours, Team Building, Rental independently or with a Guide and much even more.


Thanks to the cycle paths present throughout the Emilia – Romagna region, it is possible to move from the sea to the hills in a very short time and in complete tranquility.

Here our e-Bike rental services in the beautiful Rimini

Holidays in e-Bike

Traveling with e-bikes is an alternative and fun way to experience and respect nature at the same time.


“The Bicycle resembles an airplane more than any other machine: it minimizes contact with the earth, and only its humility prevents it from flying.” (Mauro Parrini)


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