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e-Bike Rental Rimini

e-Bike rental Rimini

At our e-Bike rental point in Rimini, you can rent our pedal-assisted bikes for you, your family, or your group of friends. Have fun without effort, at visiting the center, the new and beautiful park of the sea of ​​Marina center, or the characteristic fishing village of “San Giuliano” 

Get on the our pedal-assisted bicycle and dive yourself in the wonderful Rimini, a city of great beauty and unique monuments for history and style.

MTB pedal-assisted or City e-Bike? Choose the electric bike more at your stile for traveling light and exploring new unknown places every day. Book here your e-Bike.

Rental e-Bikes

e-MTB Garelli Audax XC 001

Taglie S – M – L
Batteria 500W, Motore Bosch CX Performance

Noleggio giornaliero

CITY BIKE Emotion Bike

Versioni MAN/WOMAN
Batteria 500W PROMOVEC

Noleggio giornaliero

e-MTB Lombardo Garda per Bimbi

Misura XS 24” per bambini a partire da 12 anni
Batteria 300W, Motore Bosch

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Book your e-Bike online and pick it up at one of our rental points

We created a widspread network of rental points to be as closer as possible to your accomodation.

You can pick up ours e-Bikes at Rimini, Verucchio, in Santarcangelo, Gabicce, San Clemente and Cesenatico.

We can trasport the e-Bike fleet to the your accomodation at a one-off cost of 20 € for a minimum of 6 people.

Do you want to discover the network of e-Bike rental point widspread around the Romagna?

Enjoy nature on a pedal assistance bike.
Emotion Bike has a park of e.Bike distibuited throughout the territory:
geolocated, find the rental point closest to you and booking your e-Bike!

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