Sustainable tourism with eco-friendly Ebikes

Focusing on cycling and outdoor activities, it emerges that “cycling in Italy is one of the most popular tourist products for European travelers, especially those who speak German.

More substantial increases are recorded in Ireland and Canada (+ 7%), Switzerland and the Netherlands (+ 5%). Outdoor tourism also shows a general growth. Brazil and Korea record peaks of 30%. The most requested destinations are the internal areas of the country and the lakes. The Netherlands reports increases of 15% for packages dedicated to trekking “(ENIT Monitoring – SUMMER 2018).

In particular, as far as the cycling tourism sector is concerned, a new trend is spreading related to pedal assisted bicycles, namely those eco-friendly bicycles to which, in addition to the human propulsive action, is added the one of an electric motor.

This form of sustainable tourism, which is rapidly spreading, encourages contact with the territory and its riches in full respect of the environment and local communities.
In addition, this means of transport is comfortable, relaxing, fun and you don’t need to be an athlete to use it.

The result of this expansion of the service is that of an e-bike tourism that shares several points in common with classic-style cycle tourism. In fact traveling with an electric bike is a unique experience but within everyone’s reach.

Furthermore, by moving around on a bicycle one respects the environment, saves money and can exercise at a preferred pace and speed, without the fatigue of the usual bike.
A disadvantage of using an electric bike is certainly the battery that needs to be recharged, but the spread of e-bikes also involves the distribution of increasingly equipped bike hotels that offer quality services, so that they can stop and recharge the bike.

In this way the journey becomes more important than the final destination and the intermediate stops have the same value as the arrival.

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