Rimini Grand Hotel, symbol of the city

The Grand Hotel of Rimini is one of the city’s symbol.

The Rimini Grand Hotel was inaugurated in 1908 and immediately became a symbol of the city. It was a place of attraction for the whole country and international tourists. The building, the stuccos, the statues that embellished it, the domes that towered above it all gave life to an incredible place. Everything could happen, a door that put Rimini in communication with the East and the world of dreams and desires.

In July 1920 a fire destroyed the two ornamental domes that overlooked the roof, never restored. Other damages arrived during the second world war, due to the bombardments suffered by the city. Luckily the interior has remained the same. You can always breath the grandeur perhaps a little deceased, but full of charm. Even today the rooms retain the French and Venetian furnishings of the eighteenth century, the parquet and Venetian chandeliers from the original furniture. while in the restaurant’s rooms the furnishings, paintings and lights evoke the atmosphere of the past. In 1994 Grand Hotel becomes National Monument.

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