Experiential tourism and emotional authenticity

Today authenticity, adventure and novelty are the main aspects that a tourist values in order to choose one location rather than another. These characteristics are the basis of the concept of “experiential tourism”, which indicates tourism based on leaving one’s comfort zone to see and do something new.

These experiences can concern various fields of tourism, from food and wine to an inland climbing, from the culture and traditions of a city to a vacation on a tropical island.

The main thing is that the tourist perceives what is offered to him as authentic and impossible to find in other places. So, it’s not essential which is the destination, rather the reason why the tourist chooses it. Destination tourism therefore leaves room for motivation.

Another particular aspect of experiential tourism is that modern travelers require tailor-made experiences, that is customized according to their requests and needs. The success of an experiential tourism product depends on the degree of attention paid to the person’s preferences. The standard trip will no longer be appreciated, especially from the generation of millennials who aim for unique experiences, different and never experienced before.

As mentioned above, the experiences can be different and of various kinds. In Italy, according to research by the National Tourism Agency, the privileged sectors are those related to food and wine, cycling and outdoor activities.

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