Artisan Printing House Marchi in Santarcangelo

Have you ever heard of the “old Mangano”? It’s a printing  tecnique which carries within centuries of art and culture of our Romagna.

Here in Romagna we love cousine, and it is what makes us number one in the Hospitality sector. What better way to present our traditional dishes, if not with table cloths that do them justice? The Stamperia Marchi has delighted us with his works since 1633, handing down from generation to generation the art of the hand-made Stampe Romagnole. Inside their laboratory is even possible to find old hardwood printings, among old and new fabric prints.
Our traditions represent the pillars in which we stand today, the Printing House’s Museum awaits you to tell you our local history, along with the Shop in which you’ll be able to find everything, from home furnishings, to ancient and modern fabrics for personal use and editable according to the most disparable tastes.

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